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Welcome to Solar Panels New Generation. We offer the latest in solar cell solutions with high quality products and at very competitive prices. We follow the recommendations of Spain and the EU on renewable energy, and offer the best private and enterprise solutions for the reduction of electricity costs.

As Spain has high electricity rates and is also utilising nuclear power, it may be a good idea to invest in an own photovoltaic solution and thus contribute in the protection of the environment. Leading the market today are the monocrystalline and the polycrystalline solar cell types. In addition to these, there are also so-called roof-integrated solar panels, or in simpler terms, sunroofs. What distinguishes solar panels from each other is appearance, price and efficiency.

Various factors can influence the choice of solar cells that are suitable for your house.

Depending on the result you wish to achieve, there are different varieties of solar panels that differ in both price and efficiency. We will of course help you find the right solution.

Why install a photovoltaic system?

Of course one would have different reasons for this, but here are some examples;

  • Lower electricity costs
  • Increase in property value
  • Security for any future electricity price increases
  • Possible power outages
  • Protection of the environment
  • Fast payback time. In northern Europe the repayment period is about 10-14 years. Here in Spain the repayment period is around 5 years!

If you need any financing plan for your investment, we advise you to talk to your bank to get the best terms and the lowest interest rate possible. Of course, your savings on your electricity bill will form part of your loan repayment.

Solar Panels at Costa Del Sol
Solar Panels at Costa Del Sol3 weeks ago
Part 1.
To have or not to have Optimizers?
Solar Panel Optimizer is an extra feature that can be added to your solar panel installation. As a single module added to each solar panel, the technology serves to optimise the power output from each of your solar panels individually.
Most solar panel systems are connected in what are called “strings”. Each string will have several panels that are connected in a set. In this set, if one of your solar panels is not working at its optimal capacity, the other panels will only work to the level of their strongest acting panel. This may be due to the fact that one of your panels might be under a large tree, or it may not be as clean as the others due to dirt and debris.
As your string of panels is only as strong as its weakest link, having a shaded panel, in turn, restricts the current which travels through the set, ultimately leading to a decrease in energy output. For example, if a string of panels has one panel working at 60% capacity, then the other panels in the string will also perform at 60% capacity. This is where your solar panel optimizer comes in handy!
A solar panel optimizer is a device that can be added to one or all panels in a string. The optimizer’s main objective is to increase the overall output of the solar installation by bypassing the panel that is not working at total capacity. This allows your system to operate to its full potential regardless of a shaded panel, therefore resulting in the best energy production for you and your home.
Solar Panels at Costa Del Sol
Solar Panels at Costa Del Sol3 weeks ago
Part 2.
Some installers do not explain the difference because it is cheaper up front not to have optimizers.!
These installers claim that they can tell if the system is not producing according to the guarantees with the help of graphs! To do this, weather conditions, light etc. must be exactly the same for a certain amount of time!
If you still find that something is wrong, what happens then! Well then they have to come to you and lift up the panels until they find the right one! If they are lucky, the fault is on the first panel they measure! But if you have many panels, you understand that it will cost money for such an examination. If you then have a service agreement that says they keep track of what the panels produce, they will probably charge you for this!
Some say the panels don't break! No, that may be the case, but do you want to take a chance?
With optimizers, you can keep track of how much each panel produce (in the app), which means that you can take advantage of your 25-year warranty without help from anyone else. Just call the installer and they will go and change it!
It is up to each customer to decide which one they want!
Conclusion: Without optimizers a little cheaper when purchasing but possibly more expensive in the long term with optimizers a little more expensive when purchasing but possibly cheaper in the long term!
Solar Panels at Costa Del Sol
Solar Panels at Costa Del Sol3 weeks ago
Part 3:
The truth about subsidies!
Can you get subsidies? Yes you can if you are tax resident in Spain!
Are you guaranteed to get this? NO!
Are there any subsidies for the moment? NO!
Two ways to apply for subsidies:
1. Apply and wait to see if you get it! This will probably take at least a year. In the meanwhile you have to pay for all electricity! Still not guaranteed to get it!
2. Install the panels, pay the installer and then apply for the subsidies! Still not guaranteed to get it but you will get lower electricity bills! This is what some installer does. Tell the client to install, pay and apply! It´s a way to get the client. Normally they say, we can help you to get subsidies. But they are not telling you that you probably not will get it!